Mulching machine for outdoor cultivations

Light and versatile machine, fully adjustable so as to load the needed quantity of soil, it can spread films from 1 m up to 2,5 m. It also comes with a spare spool holder and a row marker.

Thanks to the arrangements described below, it is extremely easy to load:

  • it is not necessary to lift the spool when replacing it (the machine can support spools up to 130/150kgs)
  • the rotating Ecodrip holder makes the loading operations easier.
  • It can be equipped with micro granulators
  • It comes with a spare Ecodrip holder

The machine can be combined with a 50 HP tractor, and it can work around 10 hectares per day.

Triple mulching machine

For our most demanding clients, we have created a triple mulcher, completely foldable in order to comply with the road traffic norms. This machine can spread two Ecodrip units (+ spools) at the same time, while also carrying two spare spools. And all of this, on every row.
It needs a 100 HP tractor and can work approx. 35 hectares per day.

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